Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment

Our Readiness Assessment will show you how to use Industry 4.0 to grow your business in the most effective way possible

Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment

Designed for Thought Leaders

Automation Alley's Industry 4.0 assessment was developed to help growing, forward-thinking advanced manufacturing and technology companies transform their businesses by adopting cutting-edge technologies associated with Industry 4.0.

Navigate the Future

We understand that many businesses face uncertainty due to automation and Industry 4.0. That's why our Industry 4.0 Assessment provides you with a clear and concise roadmap on how to both navigate and manage the digital disruption. Unlike a traditional consulting service, we haven't designed this to a specific product or offering and will tailor it to your specific journey.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our assessment is designed to evaluate your company's performance across three critical dimensions:


Your company's cultural environment can be a big factor in Industry 4.0 adoption. We'll look for indications of concern in your current culture and if necessary, show you where you need to act deliberately to transform into a learning organization.


Every organization has a bottom line and financial uncertainty can be a major roadblock. We'll help you analyze your current liquidity and resources to provide the safest, most efficient route to Industry 4.0.


The question in this field quickly becomes whether or not the support mission is aligned with the human context. By completing our assessment, we'll be able to tell you exactly how Industry 4.0 can be incorporated with your current workforce, and how emerging technology will help to enhance your business.

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