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Israel’s Redefine Meat to serve 3D-printed, plant-based meat at eateries in Europe

Ricky Ben-David, The Times of Israel
December 31, 2021
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The future of eating out at fancy restaurants could be built on 3D-printed steaks. Redefine Meat, an Israeli startup, is expanding where its product is available in Europe. The products in question are 3D-printed steaks. The steaks are created from plant-based beef substitutes. But it’s all configured to taste and feels like real beef steaks.

Israel’s Redefine Meat to serve 3D-printed, plant-based meat at eateries in Europe

Israeli startup Redefine Meat will begin offering 3D-printed plant-based “meat” products at select high-end restaurants in Europe, the company announced on Tuesday, also unveiling what it called “the world’s first” whole cuts that resemble lamb and beef cuts.

In doing so, the company claimed to have “cracked the holy grail of the alternative meat industry,” which is largely producing minced products that often lack the fibrous texture found in animal meat.

Redefine Meat’s range of products, called New Meat, now includes the whole cuts, plus burgers, sausages, lamb kebabs, and ground beef as it hopes to become “the world’s largest meat company by offering every single cut that a cow does.” Dishes made with the products will become available in restaurants such as Marco Pierre White’s Steak Houses in the UK, a chain of 22 eateries established by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, and Michelin-starred restaurants Ron Gastrobar in the Netherlands by Dutch chef and TV personality Ron Blaauw.

In Israel, dishes with Redefine Meat’s products are sold in some 150 restaurants and establishments, according to the company, including Coffee Bar and Hotel Montefiore in Tel Aviv.

The company is working on a launch in the US and Asia.

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Ricky Ben-David, The Times of Israel
Ricky Ben-David, The Times of Israel

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