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Industry 4.0 Tech Drives Ferndale Distillery Forward

Crain's Detroit Business
October 5, 2021
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Project DIAMOnD has allowed Ferndale's Valentine Distilling Co. to reinvent an archaic system.

In With The New

While technology continues to advance, many industries tend to get stuck in their old ways. When it comes to the alcohol industry, many of the techniques are centuries old. Valentine Distilling Co. is on a mission to change this. Founder Rifino Valentine is on a mission to prove that the implementation of new equipment and utilization of technology doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. Enabled by Project DIAMOnD, the initiatives taken by Valentine Distilling Co. prove that Industry 4.0 is truly for everyone.

Check out this video on their process as seen on Crain's Detroit Business:

Video Here

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Crain's Detroit Business

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