Insights from Industry 4.0 Leader Thomas Kelly

Automation Alley
December 8, 2021
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It can be difficult to navigate the changing landscape. Luckily, globally recognized Industry 4.0 leader and Automation Alley CEO Tom Kelly recently shared his knowledge at Macomb Next. You can check it out here.

Macomb Next

Industry 4.0 adoption can feel overwhelming at time, but we've seen a recent upturn in the resources to help companies navigate this changing landscape. One of these was the Macomb Next conference - on October 27, 2021 representatives from over 50 organizations came together to be part of the discussion, and a panel of experts was standing by to answer some of the hard questions that businesses are facing. Not only was this panel session filled with valuable insights, but it was kicked off by none other than Automation Alley CEO and globally recognized Industry 4.0 leader Tom Kelly. Tom Shared some of his incredible insight before handing things off to the panel of experts. You can watch Tom's speech and the full panel discussion below.

Automation Alley
Automation Alley

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