Here's How to Turn Your Factory Into An I4.0 Smart Factory

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January 13, 2022
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Digital Transformations are upon us! But there's a big difference between seeing how a smart factory can benefit your business and actually making the transformation. Learn how to transform your factory into an Industry 4.0 juggernaut here!

Make Manufacturing Integration Platforms a Part of Your Industry 4.0 Strategy

Manufacturing companies today are navigating many elements associated with digital transformation. Keeping this wide range of technology applications organized and easily accessible is critical to success in Industry 4.0. That's why Automation Alley member MPDV specializes in manufacturing integration platforms.

Manufacturing Integration Platforms (MIPs) allows manufacturers to combine so-called mApps from different providers as desired. This combination creates an ecosystem which generates great benefits for both manufacturing companies and developers, system integrators and machine manufacturers.

With MIP as the functional infrastructure of the Smart Factory, manufacturing companies gain maximum flexibility while relying on a future-proof IT architecture.

For more, check out MPDV's video on its platform HYDRA X, which the company says goes far beyond a classic Manufacturing Execution System to help boost productivity and competitiveness. You can also see MPDV's technology solutions first-hand at Automation Alley's Integr8 conference on May 10.

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