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Crain's Highlights Project DIAMOnD's Success

Automation Alley
July 9, 2021
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Crain's Detroit Business recognizes the incredible success behind Automation Alley's Project DIAMOnD initiative.

Crain's Article Highlights Tom Kelly and Project DIAMOnD Success

Automation Alley has known for a while that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is well under way. One of our major initiatives has been Project DIAMOnD (Distributed Independent and Agile Manufacturing On Demand.) Our friend's over at Crain's Detroit Business have written a piece which dives into the success Project DIAMOnD has seen so far.

Crain's calls our CEO and Executive Director Tom Kelly "an early and unabashed believer in technology." It's this drive and forward thinking that has resulted in the creation of our Project DIAMOnD community. By reducing the financial risk, providing interactive training, and creating a connected network of users, Project DIAMOnD has filled a much needed gap in Michigan's manufacturing ecosystem.

Read about some use cases and Crain's discussion with Tom in their article here.

If you want to get involved with Project DIAMOnD or just learn more, check out: projectdiamond.org

Automation Alley
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