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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing with Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)
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Manufacturers are facing digital disruption on many fronts. Industry 4.0 and new customer demands for personalization require investment in smart factories and adoption of new business models like servitization.

This is forcing manufacturers to rethink how products are designed, manufactured and sold. With increased digitalization, automation, and software in products, ensuring consistency and reliability in the delivery of products to meet customer
needs is now critical.

Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) ensures consistent product configuration data across all functions - from engineering and sales to manufacturing and service. In other words, from end-to-end. CLM establishes a single source of truth on the thousands of potential product configurations that can be manufactured, sold and delivered to customers. By implementing a CLM solution, manufacturers of complex products can improve time-to-market, lower risk, increase product quality and ensure a seamless product lifecycle.

Furthermore, CLM provides a reliable single source of truth foundation that can be updated in real-time to reflect changes in configuration options available and thereby enables companies to adapt to new market trends, customer demands and business models faster than the competition, providing them with a compelling competitive advantage.

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