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Manufacturing Resilience & Innovation

The swift pace of technological advancement, unprecedented supply chain disruptions, increased resource constraints, climate change and changing customer demands are placing added pressure on the global manufacturing ecosystem to create resilient and innovative production systems to remain competitive and achieve sustainable growth.

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Foreword Foreword

After years of stagnation, punctuated by a global health crisis, the manufacturing sector is poised for a boom—and Industry 4.0 technologies are leading the way.

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Chapter 1: Unlocking the Full Potential of Industry 4.0Chapter 1: Unlocking the Full Potential of Industry 4.0

Success in Industry 4.0 will come from using smart devices to create faster products and processes. But it will be elevated by leveraging those technologies in new, interconnected and dynamic ways.

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Chapter 2: 3D PrintingChapter 2: 3D Printing

Explore the key technologies responsible for the continued growth of Industry 4.0, including Artificial Intelligence (AI); Big Data analytics; modeling, simulation and visualization (MSV); and 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing.

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Chapter 3: 5GChapter 3: 5G

Industry 4.0 has proven that better connectivity leads to greater productivity, and 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology, is the enabler that will truly transform global production systems.

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Chapter 4: Cyber Risk MitigationChapter 4: Cyber Risk Mitigation

Connectivity is the enabler of digital transformation for manufacturing, but it is also an enabler of cyber risk.

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Chapter 5: Supply Chain DisruptionsChapter 5: Supply Chain Disruptions

The interconnectedness of the world has allowed supply chains to be more complex, but recent events have proven that manufacturing resilience and agility are just as important as efficiency.

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Chapter 6: Industry 4.0 WorkforceChapter 6: Industry 4.0 Workforce

It is crucial that we recognize the role manufacturing workers have had in building industrial capabilities, a cornerstone of US competitiveness. And it is imperative that we keep humans at the center of smart manufacturing.

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Chapter 7: Robotics, AI & Big DataChapter 7: Robotics, AI & Big Data

Today’s digital manufacturing landscape is allowing manufacturers to collect data from their machines to make better business decisions and overlay artificial intelligence (AI) to boost efficiency.

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Our report prides itself on its comprehensive collection of Industry 4.0 information, use cases, and insights. Our contributors are individuals and organizations that have chosen to be leaders in Industry 4.0 and help guide others to a successful future.

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