3 Ways To Untether The Workplace

Megan Robinson, NBS Commercial Interiors
June 7, 2021
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Flexibility, mobility, choice and comfort are expectations of today’s workforce.

Flexibility, mobility, choice and comfort are expectations of today’s workforce. With an increase in mobile workers, the desire to be untethered and agile has increased in demand. Traditional work environments feature fixed tools and furnishings that limit mobility and choice. As the presenter in a conference room can you stand or sit where you feel most comfortable or are you tied to one spot? Do you have power that’s as mobile as your mobile devices? And does your furniture allow you to create the customized environment you want to work, meet or focus? If not, then you may be tethered to your work environment.

Here are three ways to break free from the cords and static workplaces:

1. Wireless Collaboration Tools

Imagine never fumbling with a cord again in a meeting room. With wireless collaboration tools it’s as easy as walking in and clicking a button for instant connection, content sharing or audio/video conferencing. Many collaborative spaces in the workplace are underutilized due to the poor technology set up or complexity of the system. Tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Barco ClickShare and Crestron AirMedia solve for wireless collaboration seamlessly and intuitively. If going completely wireless makes you uneasy, many organizations still have a wired back up plan in place if their building ever goes offline.

2. Mobile Power

Do you ever feel tied to the perimeter of a room or your desk just because that is where your power source is? What if you could take power with you throughout the workday? Today more work is taking place away from the desk and primary work areas – to lounge settings, cafes and other in between shared spaces. Mobile power devices free workers from their desk and support teams to charge up and collaborate where they feel most creative. Products like Steelcase Flex Mobile Power are lightweight, portable and powerful. A fully charged unit can power three users simultaneously with USB-C and USB-A devices for a full day, or an individual for a full week.

3. Flexible Furniture

Stationary furniture makes it difficult for dynamic work to happen. When we have choice and control over our work environment workers tend to be more engaged, feel more supported and can collaborate more freely. This can be achieved with tables and chairs on casters, mobile whiteboards, and lightweight screens that can be moved for privacy or space division. Individuals and teams can quickly reconfigure their space to meet their needs in a matter of minutes. Adding mobile power to the mix amps up the effectiveness of moveable furniture settings even when an outlet is nowhere in sight.

No one wants to feel tied down or stuck. Mobile devices have changed the way we work and freed us from landlines and desktop computers. Even finding just one way to feel untethered at work can help boost creativity, workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Megan Robinson, NBS Commercial Interiors
Megan Robinson, NBS Commercial Interiors

Megan Robinson is the Marketing Team Leader for NBS Commercial Interiors, a leader in integrated workplace interiors. She leads the implementation and management of company marketing initiatives including brand awareness, corporate events and marketing communications. Her degree in Interior Design has contributed to her passion for space and the affects it can have on individuals and organization success. Her focus is on delivering the NBS brand message and creating experiences that inspire clients to transform their own work environments.

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