How Industry 4.0 Drives Sustainable Manufacturing

Industry Reports
January 6, 2022
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Sustainability is a critical business priority for manufacturers, and with the help of Industry 4.0 technologies, companies can shrink their environmental footprint, improve resource utilization and minimize waste. Learn more about how Industry 4.0 is a catalyst of sustainable manufacturing here.‍

How Industry 4.0 Drives Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability has outgrown CSR tokenism to become an integral part of manufacturers’ business agenda. Manufacturing enterprises are embracing sustainable practices not only because they need to comply with regulations or care deeply for the environment or want to save resources but also because their customers, employees and investors expect them to “do what is right.” Respect for environmental and social principles stands at the top of that list.

According to a sustainability survey report by the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM), 80% of its member companies across North America have implemented or are devising sustainability policies and around 76% are taking a product lifecycle approach to sustainability.

Helping manufacturers implement their sustainable policies on the shop floor is a bunch of Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Industry Reports
Industry Reports

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